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Save Money on Gas By Improving Your Vehicle’s Fuel Economy

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It’s an awful time for gas prices to be on the rise. People are recovering from the pandemic, and many people still haven’t found work. Even though the economy is doing better, inflation is affecting many. You need to get as many miles out of a full tank of gas as you can. You cannot afford to head to the service station frequently. AAA offers some tips on how to improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. York Tire & Auto Service is going to list the best tips below.

Avoid Traffic

Avoiding traffic is easier said than done, especially if you drive during rush hour. Talk with your boss about adjusting your work hours so you are working on a flexible schedule that puts you on the freeway before or after rush hour. Also, purchase a fast pass if you navigate over toll roads so you don’t have to slow down and stop to pay the toll.

Avoid Idling

Did you know that one minute of idling uses up more gas than restarting your automobile? As such, it’s important that you turn the engine off while you are waiting. It takes less gas to restart the engine than it does to sit at an idle, so save gasoline or diesel fuel by shutting off your motor.

Time Traffic Lights

Adjust your speed so you can time the traffic lights properly. What we mean by timing the traffic lights is driving at a pace that allows you to hit each light when it turns green. This prevents you from having to stop at the red light and sit at an idle. Traffic signals are programmed so they can be timed. You just need to figure out at what speed you need to drive.

Avoid Multiple Stops

One of the worst things for your vehicle’s fuel economy is a day filled with errands that require short stops all over town. This uses up excess gasoline. Plan your errands so that you are making fewer stops. If you can, park your car conveniently and walk to your multiple errands so that you aren’t running your automobile.

Cruise Control It

Finally, driving at a steady speed improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. Driving slower also improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. As such, set your cruise control at a reasonable speed to get more miles out of a full tank. Also, keep in mind the slower you drive the less gas you use.

An additional tip is that you should keep your car maintained in order for the engine to run as efficiently as possible. York Tire & Auto Service in Red Lion, PA, can help with that. Set up a service appointment today.

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